Hotmail Technical Support Number 1-888-209-7111 dial to fix various issues

Hotmail is an email platform provided by Microsoft. Millions of users across the world use Hotmail today. Hotmail can be opened on any browser and on any device. So you can check your email and reply on the go. Hotmail offers various features to users but that does not mean you don’t face any issue with Hotmail. You do face some issues with Hotmail and for that you have Hotmail technical support number dial to fix various issues. Various issues that you face with Hotmail and can get technical support for are as below:

  1. Forgot Hotmail account password.
  2. Receiving error message in your Hotmail account.
  3. When you are creating new account you see an error code.
  4. You face problems while sending mails from your Hotmail account.
  5. Your contact list is deleted and you don’t know how to recover it.
  6. You face problems in forwarding mails from your Hotmail account.
  7. Your account is blocked or hacked.
  8. Browser compatibility issue.
  9. There is issue while attaching files with your emails when you are sending or receiving.
These are various issues you can dial Hotmail technical support number for.

Our Hotmail helpline number is for all Hotmail users who find any issue with their Hotmail account. Our Hotmail helpline number works 24/7 for the users.

Unblock and recover a blocked or suspended Hotmail account

If your Hotmail account is blocked or suspended then you want to unblock and recover it then to unblock your account you can verify that you are the owner of this account by two methods. You can ask Hotmail to send you verification code by mail to your alternate email Id or SMS it to your mobile number. This is how you can unblock and recover your blocked or suspended Hotmail account.

1-888-209-7111 Hotmail account is not receiving some emails.

Hotmail account is not receiving some emails. How to fix the problem?

Hotmail email account is one of the most widely used and accessed email clients. It is having all the email management features making it is preferred choice among many. Hotmail account can be accessed using various devices only through effective email syncing. Email forwarding is easier and junk mail protection is also high.

But there are problem that are faced by the Hotmail users more often than not. The most common problem being not able to access some of the Hotmail emails. This a common issue and can be solved through proper troubleshooting steps.

Here are the tips to fix Hotmail not receiving some emails problem –

Check the Junk Email Folder

Go to the Junk Email folder and look for the missing mails. If there are messages or emails that are landing on the junk email, then right click on each email and choose ‘Mark as not junk’. They will be automatically moved to the inbox.

Clean Out the Inbox

If you mail account inbox is full, then user will face problem in receiving messages. Empty the inbox to make room for the new incoming mails. Empty the junk folder or other folders emails. Simply click or select the emails in the inbox that are not important and click ‘Delete’. To know more about cleaning the Hotmail folders, contact the support team over Hotmail customer service number. Support team provides instant assistance for the email account problems.

Check the Inbox Filter and Sort Settings

User might not be able to see the expected messages, if the inbox filtering is based on categories or if the sorting order is different than the usual. In this scenario, user might not see the message that is expected. Both filtering and sorting features are available at the top.

For filtering, select ‘Filter’ and then click ‘All’. For sorting, select ‘Filter’ and then click ‘All’. Choose ‘Date’ to check the recent messages and choose ‘From’ to look for messages from a specific person.

These are just few of the remedies or troubleshooting steps mentioned above. Dial Hotmail technical support number to know in details about the necessary troubleshooting steps. It is guaranteed that user will get the best steps over the helpline number.

Hotmail Customer Service for how do I close my Hotmail account 1-888-209-7111

Get the best steps for closing your Hotmail account

If you have a Hotmail account then it is extremely important for you to know about the procedure for closing your email account. We are saying this because the users need to close their Hotmail account whenever they feel that they are no longer using their current account or when they have thought of switching to another email service. That is the reason why, a large number of users have asked us the same question in the last few years and i.e. What are the Steps to close my Hotmail account? So, if your question is the same then you will be provided with its correct answer in this article.

The first step is to go directly on the official CLOSE ACCOUNT page of the Microsoft from your browser.
After that, what you need to do is to sign in there by entering your Hotmail email address along with its password.
Then, it’s the time to follow all the instructions given on the screen and then click on the next button located there. This step is one of the most important steps of this procedure because here you will make sure that you really need to close your Hotmail account.
Along with that, you have to read the list properly given on the next screen and then you have to check the boxes located to each of the items mentioned there.
In the next step, you have to navigate to the drop-down list located there and then the actual reason for deleting this Hotmail account has to be selected carefully.
The final step is to simply click on the button named as MARK MY HOTMAIL ACCOUNT FOR CLOSURE.

So, in case, the users have to face any kind of problems while deleting their Hotmail account, then they should immediately dial the Hotmail Technical Support Number or Hotmail toll free number from their mobile.